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Vancouver, Canada
Perfect With:
Use it to enhance flavours in any dish
Their Story:

Proud Canadian Eric Pateman is the founder of Edible Canada – he’s made it his mission to introduce the world to Canada’s best food and artisan producers. Eric also spent many years working as a chef, and as such has an intrinsic understanding of the importance of seasoning.

Amola salts take seasoning to the next level; Eric carefully blends pure sea salt with natural ingredients, taking inspiration from throughout the world. The result is ingenious flavour bombs – the likes of bacon salt, espresso salt and black truffle salt – that really add the X-factor to food.

Dust completed dishes with a sprinkling of your favourite Amola for an extra layer of interest, or use them in rubs for barbecued meat, to give roasted nuts a twist or to add a gourmet rim to your cocktail glass.

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