Treat yourself to the mouth-watering treats of Ben & Jerry's and Tony's Chocolonely! With this scrumptious six-pack of 180g chocolate bars, you can satisfy your cravings with these two unique flavours, Dark Milk Chocolate Brownie and White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake! Plus, get a sweet $2.99 off when you buy this heavenly bundle!

Ben & Jerry's White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, 180g Bar: Indulge in this delicious treat, inspired by Ben & Jerry's signature ice cream flavor - Strawberry Cheesecake! Enjoy creamy white chocolate, studded with sticky strawberries & crunchy cookie pieces. We promise you'll swoon on the first bite! Especially since these bars are here to commemorate Ben & Jerry's joining Tony's mission and sourcing cocoa sustainably. Traceable cocoa never tasted so good!

Ben & Jerry's Dark Milk Chocolate Brownie, 180g Bar: Ready to fall head over heels for this delicious delight, paying homage to Ben & Jerry's classic flavor -- Chocolate Fudge Brownie! Enjoy bites of crunchy brownie pieces bathed in decadent dark milk chocolate (AKA the creaminess of milk chocolate with the boldness of dark). *Particularly* now that Ben & Jerry's joined our mission, sourcing cocoa the Tony's way. Traceable cocoa never tasted so tasty!

  • Fairtrade
  • Country of Origin - Belgium
  • Suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for vegans.
  • Exists to support cocoa farmers and make 100% slave-free chocolate the industry norm


  • Ben & Jerry's White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, 180g Bar:  Sugar, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, sweetened strawberry cubes (strawberries, sugar, dextrose, sunflower oil), cookies (whole wheat flour, wheat flour, sunflower oil, sugar, honey, salt), cultured buttermilk powder (buttermilk, bacterial culture), strawberry powder, cheese powder (skim milk, bacterial culture, enzymes) and soy lecithin. May contain traces of eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

  • Ben & Jerry's Dark Milk Chocolate Brownie, 180g Bar: Sugar, chocolate liquor, dry whole milk, cocoa butter, brownie pieces (sugar, wheat flour, sunflower oil, glycerin, fat-reduced cocoa powder, salt) and soy lecithin. May contain traces of eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

Right now, there are 30,000 cases of modern slavery and 1.56 million cases of child labor in the chocolate industry in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. That’s why values-led company Ben & Jerry's (that already pays farmers a Fairtrade premium for their cocoa beans) has decided to boost its impact further and is committing to sourcing its cocoa from Tony’s Open Chain.  

Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative that helps other companies to end modern slavery and child labor in the chocolate industry, by tracing the cocoa beans back to the farmers and tackling the root cause – poverty.

Here’s to tackling the chocolate industry’s inequalities, 1 ice cream tub and 1 choco bar at a time. #chocolateloveafair

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