This mix of cucumbers, dill, and a bold black pepper is an unmatched flavour experience—not too hot to scorch your taste buds, but it still packs a punch! A splash of pickle brine, tomato paste, cucumber juice, and other perfect ingredients make up our unique take on the classic Bloody Mary. Drink it as a vegetable juice cocktail or with your favourite vodka.

Come pick up a dozen and save $30.55! From our family's brine to yours, McClure's Bloody Mary Mix has you covered. Cheers!

  • Origin - Detroit, Michigan, United States Of America
  • All-natural ingredients,
  • Gluten-free (pickles, relish, bloody mary, all-natural chips, brine)
  • Kosher certified (Michigan Kosher Supervisors, OU)

Ingredients: Spicy pickle brine, tomato paste, fresh cucumber juice, peppers, garlic, dill, vinegar, water, salt and black pepper.

How to use: Get creative--sip it solo as a veggie juice cocktail or spruce it up with your vodka and garnish of choice! The garnishes are endless – we like a slice of red capsicum, cherry tomato, sage & rosemary. You could also use a traditional celery stick and olive, or go for native kawakawa.

The McClure's Pickles Story: In the heart of a small Michigan kitchen, McClure's Pickles was born from the shared passion of brothers Joe and Bob McClure, who, inspired by their grandmother's time-honored pickle recipe, embarked on a mission to redefine the art of pickling. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, they sourced the finest, locally grown cucumbers and infused them with a blend of spices that echoed generations of family tradition. What began as a humble family project soon blossomed into a beloved brand, as McClure's Pickles captivated taste buds with their crisp texture and bold, zesty flavor. Today, McClure's stands as a testament to the power of preserving heritage through pickling, offering a delightful journey back to the roots of artisanal craftsmanship with every crunchy bite.

Don't just take our word for it!