Seedlip & Good Sh*t Ginger - Winter Cocktail Kit

Cook & Nelson

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This limited edition winter cocktail kit includes:
  1. 1 x 700 ml Seedlip Spice 94: Seedlip Spice 94 is an aromatic and earthy blend of copper-pot distillates, including allspice, cardamom, lemon and grapefruit. It is sugar-free and sweetener free and works deliciously well with straight tonic and a grapefruit twist.

  2. 1 x 4 Pack 330 ml Good Sh*t Ginger: Brewed just like grandma used to make. Zesty and spicy with everything nicey, down a can for a third of your daily fibre. Made in NZ, Good Sh*t Ginger is an all natural soda without the nasties.

  3. 1 x 25g Peel & Tonic Luscious Lime: Peel & Tonic dehydrated Luscious Lime slices have a concentrated lime flavour, bursting with zesty sourness. They will inject an intense tart and tangy lime flavour to any cocktail or your favourite gin. 

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