Not drinking, or drinking less but still in need of a treat? We hear you!

The Garden Goddess Cocktail kit screams summer and is sure to become a favourite. Long & refreshing, the mint and cucumber complement the green palate of Seedlip Garden 108. We are loving the East Imperial Yuzu lemonade as a zesty way to finish this highball off. Enjoy with friends by quadrupling the recipe and serve in a carafe for easy summer entertaining.

We love the ritual of cocktail hour, taking time to craft a little alchemy in a glass to help unwind at the end of the day (we all need that right now right?). Seedlip's non-alcoholic distilled spirits have forever changed how we view that ritual; free from booze, but loaded with sensory pleasure. 

Throw a spanner, or a beautiful new jigger, in the works and show your friends a different way to get that cocktail fix. Take care, get the ratios right and trust us, you'll have something very special to drink.


The Garden Goddess Kit includes :

1 x 700ml Seedlip Garden 108

4 x 150ml Yuzu Lemonade

1 x Recipe Card

1 x Seedlip Copper Jigger

1 x Freeze Dried Lime Garnish Pack

To include a Citta Piccadilly Carafe in your hamper you can purchase this separately here