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Noble Handcrafted

Noble Handcrafted
Tonics, Syrups & Vinegars.
Seatac, Washington - United States Of America
Perfect With:
Pancakes, Cocktails, Bacon & Baking
Their Story:

Tyler Gray has always been obsessed with hunting out interesting, premium ingredients. Disappointed with the maple syrup on the market, he set out to create the genre-defining Noble Handcrafted.

The world’s best maple syrup is drawn from single-source orchards in Quebec, Vermont and New Hampshire, then either aged in bourbon-charred barrels or delicately blended with Egyptian chamomile and Tahitian vanilla.

One drizzle, and you’ll be converted – Noble Handcrafted is naturally gorgeous with pancakes and French toast, but also try it as a flavouring for mueslis and baking, or as a smoky-sweet note in savoury dishes.


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