East Imperial Yuzu Tonic is crafted to elevate your Gin and Tonics with a robust yuzu citrus flavor. This unique mixer is also perfect for adding a bright citrus note to any of your favorite cocktails.

The Star Ingredient: Hailing from Northern Asia, particularly Japan, yuzu is an aromatic sweet citrus fruit known for its distinctive zesty flavor. Often described as a hybrid between a mandarin and a Meyer lemon, it offers a unique and exceptional citrus brightness.

A Legacy of Discernment: Introduced to South East Asia in the early 20th century, yuzu quickly gained favor among discerning cocktail enthusiasts. Its vibrant flavor profile continues to be a prized addition to modern mixology.

Experience the difference that yuzu can make in your next cocktail creation.

Ingredients: New Zealand Spring Water, Natural Cane Sugar, Hand Selected Natural Quinine From Java Cinchona Bark, Natural Flavors (Yuzu Extract), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid).

Tonic Water Tasting Notes:Robust citrus bomb upfront with the yuzu zest playing hero alongside the bitterness of quinine. The finish is somewhat sherbet with a moorish floral and sweet note.

East Imperial Tonic Pairs Perfectly With: Seedlip Spice 94Seedlip Garden 108 & Seedlip Grove 42.

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