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Roast Lamb with Pickles, Cheese & Pea Puree By Annabelle White - Cook & Nelson

Roast Lamb with Pickles, Cheese & Pea Puree By Annabelle White

The perfect toastie to use up the remnants of that Sunday winter roast. 

MAKES: 2 sandwiches


  • 4 slices toast bread

  • Softened butter

  • 50g crumbed feta

  • 50g brie, small dice without rind

  • 1-2 Tbsp cream

  • 4 Tbsp pea puree (mashed up peas and leftover mashed potato)

  • 1-2 tsp mint jelly

  • 4 slices of left over roast lamb

  • 8 McClure’s Sweet & Spicy pickles, well drained


  1. Butter the bread both sides.  In a small bowl combine the cheese and cream, place on two sides of bread.  Combine the pea puree with the mint jelly and place on top of the cheese on bread. Top with lamb and pickles.

  2. Place in sandwich maker and cook until golden on the outside and cheese is melted on the inside.
  • You can use any leftover roast meat – chicken or pork or turkey– but that little hint sweetness – with the mint jelly with the lamb, or perhaps cranberry sauce with the turkey or chicken (that’s just sitting in the fridge) works a treat – contrasting and enhancing the great pickles.

  • Another bonus this is a great way to use crumbled (almost discarded feta at the bottom of the packet) and feta is magic with lamb and peas. However, if you only have grated cheese that will work just fine.

  • Don’t make a special trip- to the dairy for the cream – it just helps combine the cheeses for easy handling – you could use sour cream, or mayonnaise or crème fraiche instead and if none of those are available – forget it!

  • The reason cheese like feta or cheddar is combined with brie means you have a great melting /taste combination.

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