We've brought together our favourite milk bars to give you the best of our milk classics. 2 x milk 32%, 1 x milk caramel sea salt 32% & 1 x milk hazelnut 32%. What's not to love?!

Bundle information:

  1. 2 x Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate 32%, 180g Bar: Not just a classic milk chocolate bar, but Tony's classic chocolate bar. It was the first bar they ever made, back in 2005. Tony’s Chocolonely gave it a screaming red wrapper to attract attention to their main mission - 100% slave-free chocolate

  2. 1 x Tony's Chocolonley Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt 32%, 180g bar: Tony's Chocoloenly likes to do things differently and this bar is no exception. They took their classic milk chocolate and added crunchy caramel (yea, you heard right) and flakes of sea salt. Sweet and salty never tasted soooo good. Well, at least that’s what our chocofans think. It’s our best seller!

  3. 1 x Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 32%, 180g bar: This flavour is a perfect combo of 32% Fairtrade milk chocolate and a minimum of 10% hazelnuts. Did you know that Tony's Chocolonely hid a map of Western Africa in their unequally divided bar? They couldn't fit whole hazelnuts into the pieces that represent Togo and Benin! After a very heated debate, Tony's Chocolonely completely and politically incorrectly combined two separate countries into one bigger piece so they could use whole hazelnuts.

Just so ya know, the bars won’t come with “the milk chocolate bundle” packaging, and if you’ve ordered other bars too we’ll pop them all together.

Storage advice: Store in a cool, dry and dark place, but not in the fridge.

Other information:

  • Suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for vegans.
  • Fairtrade
  • Country of Origin - Belgium
  • Exists to support cocoa farmers and make 100% slave-free chocolate the industry norm
  • May contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

Hello there, I'm Tony's Chocolonely. I exist to end slavery in the chocolate industry. My mission is to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Together with you. Together we'll make all chocolate 100% slave free. Are you in? Noticed that our bars aren't equally divided? That's because the chocolate industry is unequally divided. The profits aren't shared equally, so our bars can't be either.

Don't just take our word for it!