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Cook & Nelson Conversations 06: The Two Raw Sisters, Rosa and Margo Flanagan - Cook & Nelson

Cook & Nelson Conversations 06: The Two Raw Sisters, Rosa and Margo Flanagan

What gets you out of bed each morning? 

M: My alarm and pilates programme. 

R: My beautiful springer spaniel Winnie, who I absolutely adore! At roughly the same time every morning she runs down the hallway at full speed with her tail wagging at 100 miles per hour. That's my call to get out of bed, take her outside and either head out for a walk or run with her and our border terrier, Blue, or do an online pilates session. 


What’s your favourite Cook & Nelson product and why?

M: It has to be Tony’s Chocolonely. I can’t go past the Caramel Sea Salt.

R: I love McClure’s Pickles, to be specific the Sweet & Spicy Crinkle Cut Pickles. Nothing comes close to the flavour and is the perfect wee addition to any savoury dish.


What are you reading right now?

M: ‘Before the Coffee Goes Cold’ by Toshikazu Kawaguchi 

R: ‘Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Heather Morris - second time around reading it! Such an incredible read.


Favourite destination in NZ and why?

M: Punakaiki on the West Coast. I think it is so underrated. It’s a little microclimate with the most incredible, untouched landscape. 

R: Definitely Wanaka. Somewhere I have been going to since I was a little one. I am very fortunate that Mum & Dad have a house in Wanaka and every time I walk through the door I feel instantly relaxed. The lake is a big drawcard for me. I absolutely love the fresh water and the invigorating feeling it gives me, whether I’m swimming in it, paddle boarding or going for a water ski. 


What's your guilty foodie pleasure? 

M: Pain Au Chocolat from the market on a Saturday

R: Ice cream, specifically PURE New Zealand Ice cream (made in Wanaka) - the salted caramel  + vanilla bean, topped with a chocolate shell (using Tonys Chocolate Almond Sea Salt).

  Two Raw Sisters

If you weren't running Two Raw Sisters, what would you do / be?

M: A midwife or gynaecologist. I love all things birth, babies and women's health.

R: I would love to be a real estate agent, following in my dads footsteps, and working alongside him.  


What's your favourite kitchen hack? 

M: The juice of 1 lemon can be substituted for 1 tsp of vinegar. And one more just because I love kitchen hacks. 4 tbsp equals 1/4 of a cup - the best dish saving tip. 

R: When you are scraping things off your chopping board into a bowl or pan / pot, don’t use the sharp side of your knife. It ruins the blade of the knife and makes it go blunt very easily. Always use the ’non sharp’ side. 

Your go-to cocktail/drink? 

M: Either a chilled natural red or G+T.

R: I’m not hugely into alcohol, but if I was to have something it would be a good G&T. Then my non-alcoholic picks are Ginger Good Sh*t Soda or if I do say so myself I make a delicious elderflower cordial, so I love having that with soda water, fresh mint and lemon. 

One ingredient that you can't live without? 

M: Bananas because they are so versatile.

R: Avocados, something I have dearly been missing recently! I have the Avo Tree subscription box that comes every fortnight so that keeps me happy. 

Where do you draw inspiration from (personally & professionally)?

M: Pinterest. Most people get caught in a deep dark rabbit hole of Instagram whilst I get lost on Pinterest. From interior design, cookbook design, recipe inspo to fashion, 2 hours goes like that. 

R: I am very much a visual person, so I love Pinterest and looking through other recipe books for ideas on how to use different ingredients in a fun, yet practical way, new flavour combinations, different ways to plate recipes up.

What’s your current go to recipe

M: Our pumpkin, crispy lentil, feta and cos salad on the app with some chicken thighs baked in our chilli garlic oil. THE BEST!

R: Go to breakfast is our Chocolate Banana Chia Pudding, which is found on our Two Raw Sisters App. 

Favourite dish (anywhere in the world)?

M: Salmon and avo sushi. So simple yet so goddamn good.

R: Anything seafood - mussels, fish, salmon, prawns. When I was in Italy I had the most amazing dish that was a whole lot of the most delicious, fresh seafood in a tomato garlic broth. This was served with some homemade focaccia to mop up all of the mouth watering juices. 

Favourite website or social handle for foodie inspo

M: @tworawsisters - is that allowed? Haha

R: 100% @tworawsisters - practical recipes that I go to for meal inspiration throughout the week.

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