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Making chocolate 100% slave free with Tony’s Chocolonely - Cook & Nelson

Making chocolate 100% slave free with Tony’s Chocolonely

We are delighted to introduce New Zealand to Tony’s Chocolonely: A chocolate company that’s as crazy about chocolate as they are about people.

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 after three Dutch journalists discovered that the world’s chocolate giants relied on slavery. Unfortunately, it’s been 15 years and the world’s largest chocolate makers are still profiting from illegal labor on cocoa farms in West Africa.

At Cook & Nelson, we’re proud to be the distributors of Tony’s Chocolonely to New Zealand because we support their vision for a world where the pleasures of chocolate are shared fairly between farmers and friends alike.

Crazy about chocolate, serious about people.

The colourful wrapping is a testament to the exciting flavours inside, from classic milk to white-raspberry-popping candy (and the consistency is incredible)! But beneath the bright packaging, the unequally divided chunks tell a serious story about the unfairly distributed profits in the cocoa industry. Until slave free chocolate is the norm, those rugged chunks continue to serve as a stark reminder of what’s.. well.. not to love about chocolate.

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Chocolate can be a powerful force of change.

Tony’s ‘recipe’ for 100% slave free chocolate involves working together with farmers to provide long-term business and agricultural support so that they can earn a decent income. The choices we make and the chocolate we choose can end the suffering that chocolate giants still profit off today. Slavery should never be an ingredient in the first place.


Make the fight for 100% slave-free chocolate less lonely.

From October 1st 2020, you’ll be able to purchase chocolate that betters the world direct from us or at any good food retailers. Together, we can make illegal child labour and modern day slavery a shame of the past.

We see two futures for the cocoa industry. They both involve chocolate, but one doesn’t leave a bitter taste in our mouth. Which one will you choose?

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