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Natural Goodness Always: Elevating the Cocktail Experience - Cook & Nelson

Natural Goodness Always: Elevating the Cocktail Experience

More than a pretty face for a cocktail, Peel & Tonic is in a class of its own when it comes to creating elite garnishes with both style and substance.

The story of Peel & Tonic is classic tale of a Phoenix out of the ashes.

The family-owned South Australian business started out as a side project until Covid hit their wholesale liquor business.

The pivot to creating high quality hand-crafted dehydrated fruit, helped the business not only survive, but thrive.

Now five years on the formula for success is the same:

Natural goodness, always

Simple really - Peel & Tonic takes pride in crafting products that are as pure and natural as the South Australian landscapes that inspire them. Their garnishes are a testament to an unwavering commitment to quality. They are gluten-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly, ensuring that they can be enjoyed by all. With no added sugars, artificial colours, or preservatives, our products encapsulate the true essence of nature’s goodness and flavours.

Elevating the drinking experience

The mission is crystal clear: animate mixers and cocktails with meticulously handcrafted garnishes. Peel & Tonic's products are intricately designed to deliver the natural colour and flavour to transform ordinary drinks into extraordinary ones. Beyond cocktails, their garnishes add a touch of refinement to cheese boards and grazing tables, serving as the ideal guilt-free, healthy snacks.

The art of selection

Peel & Tonic is a testament to the perfect blend of South Australian produce. Each fruit is carefully chosen, handpicked at the pinnacle of ripeness, ensuring unparalleled flavour and freshness. With meticulous attention to detail, they skilfully dry these fruits, preserving their innate essence, fragrance, and nutrients.

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